Manicure Removal Wraps 50 pack

Manicure Removal Wraps are a simple and easy to use product, this item will minimise the amount of Acetone needed for each removal process.

For instructions on removing your Epic Nail Manicure please see our easy guide or for removal using the Foil Removal Wraps please see the guide below.

Epic Nail Removal - using Removal Wraps:

1.    Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Towel Dry.

2.    Lay out the Manicure Removal Wrap  and saturate the cotton pad with Pure Acetone;

        Place your finger on the Wrap with your nail touching the cotton pad.

        Gently wrap the foil around your finger tip, ensuring a snug fit.

3.    Leave the Manicure Removal Wrap on the finger for 10 minutes.

4.    Using a twisting motion, pull the Manicure Removal Wrap and Epic Nail product from the fingernail (If there is a significant amount of Epic Nail Polish still on the nail, rewrap the nail and allow the acetone to penetrate for a few more minutes.)

5.    If there is still some stubborn polish on your nail, gently slide it off using a Cuticle Stick.
6.    Gently wipe over the nail with an Alcohol Wipe and you are ready to start painting your Epic Nail Manicure again.